There are a lot of different treatment programs for people.  There are programs where you can listen to music to help release stress.  You can go and do water therapy where you can be surrounded by water and feel weightless.   No matter what type of therapy you are looking at here is something new being offered daily.


pet therapy winston-salem

One that has been studies for years and is making a great comeback is pet therapy winston-salem.  With pet therapy patients are able to spend time with a cat, dog or other animal for several hours a day.  It is through these sessions people can bond with the animals and really connect with them.

The theory is that animals don’t have any stress or worry about the day to day issues of life.  They don’t have names for things or have anxieties that bills aren’t paid or kids needing to go to school.  With this mental mindset they can just give love and comfort which is a great thing for many people.

Getting started

The process is fairly simple.  The patient will be matched up with a specific animal that they seem to connect with.  This will either be a cat or a dog.  From there the patient will be taken into a room where they will be introduced slowly to each other.  Typically, a bond is created within a few minutes. 

From there the patient and the animal will just spend time together, laying around, talking and connecting.  After the session both the animal and the patient will have a renewed sense of relief and will start to anticipate their next get together.


The results for these types of sessions have been shown to have great healing effects.  Patients that have been dealing with these animals have shown great improvements mentally and physically.  Patients of all ages have shown to respond positively to these treatments and as research continues more and more lives are improved for the better.