Previously, you might not have seen it coming. And thankfully, in most cases, that binge just passes away. Like a sudden gust of wind that did you the favor of blowing away your autumn leaves. But winter is the season of discontent. This is when it becomes really tough for addicts, also for those who do not even realise that they have an addiction in the first place. This time, an ill wind seems to blow.

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And it never seems to go away. It gives you a chill in the bones. And you need to do something right away to warm the cockles as the old folks would like to say. Yeah, it can be spine-chilling at times. You are cold, dark, moody and miserable. These feelings don’t always go away. Only way to make it better is to take to the bottle. Or hit the pills. But then it gets worse, see. Only way to prevent that from happening is to sign up for addiction treatment programs radcliff residents have seen the light with.

Now is not the winter of your discontent. Now is not the time to be complacent either. What you want to do is to seek out help as soon as possible. That way you will never be sorry. You will never have to live with the regret. That old, despairing feeling of; if only I had done that in the first place. Been there and done that, some people would venture to say. Fair enough, self-inflicted cold turkey rarely ever works.

But it is one of the only ways. Addiction treatment programs help you get through those first few critical days. You are not alone. There is always someone there to hold your hand.